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Our Training Bites are made especially for a quick small training treat or for use in hollow toys which can entertain your dog for longer periods. These are easy on the belly and small enough to give a good few without filling your pet up!

Each training bite is about the size of a pea (0.5 x 1cm) fitting conveniently into the holes and teeth of many varieties of boredom toys. Make the most of your Kong by placing these bites in between all of the teeth or inside.

Available in six pawesome flavours: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Apple (V), a special blend for Puppies (with added Calcium for bone development), or Chicken & Lamb which is a product for pups without allergies and other special nutritional requirements.

Beef, Chicken and Apple are all made with chickpea flour. In comparison to normal flour, chickpea flour is wheat free. Therefore, it provides more vitamin, fibre, protein and minerals with far less calories and carbs which is great for dogs on a diet. The Puppy Bites have wheat to encourage puppy to have a normal tolerance to gluten, but all are made with 100% Australian Ingredients with no additives, preservatives and no added sugar. Chicken & Lamb are for also for pups to encourage a normal tolerance to gluten, include Vit C, A, D3, B, Thiamine, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and have some tasty herbs added too.

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Beef, Chicken, Apple (Vegan), Chicken and Lamb (no chickpea flour)


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