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Goat Puff Cubes are 100% Australian Goat lung with no additives, no preservatives and no added sugar. These make a great quick snack dog treat as they are light, low in fat and small bite-sized pieces. Perfect for training!

They are puffed with air meaning they won’t be so rich on your dog’s stomach or cause any upset. Also great for training sessions as you can give them many. In addition, they are lower in fat than chunkier liver treats. Great for use as a quick crunchy snack or for training and high in protein.

Whilst Puff cubes are light, they are hard and can’t be easily broken up into smaller pieces. Therefore give as a (bite-sized) treat whole.

If you like the sound of the Puff Cubes we also have them in Beef, Lamb and Kangaroo! The Roo Puff only contain 1% fat which makes them one of the lightest and healthiest training treats we have available.

Give them a try today!

Alternatively, the lamb puff crumble are more appropriate treats, should you want to be able to break them up.


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