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An amazing array of sustainably caught seafood known as Under the Sea. It is bound to bring out the best in your pooch with these products being pawticularly great for their skin, joint and bone wellness.

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Under the Sea Pawty Mix is a special allergy friendly extension of our normal Pawty Mix.

At the end of our bagging process, we inevitably have leftovers that were previously going to waste. And let's face it, our dogs can only eat #somuch!!!

This concept is to ensure that we minimise waste, whilst on this occasion offering an allergy friendly version for those who often can't eat more standard proteins like chicken, beef and lamb.

Under the Sea includes only seafood based products, such as sustainably caught fish and skin, like salmon, Queenfish, gar fish, tuna, cod, herring, sardines, squid, shark, shrimp etc. Please note, each bag is made based on what is left so there is absolutely variation between bags.

Photos are provided as indicative and there is not guarantee that each bag will contain all of the above mentioned produce.


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