Green Lipped Mussels


Our products are natural and brilliant for your pooch as they have no added sugar, preservatives or additives. Full of Omega 3, they have lots of beneficial properties including supporting the treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions, increased brain function and are a high source of antioxidants.

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Our green lipped mussel natural dog treats are made from 100% New Zealand (NZ) mussels without any added preservatives, artificial colours or other additives. Don't be fooled by cheaper Chilean mussels which look similar but don't have the same health properties!

Sourced only from NZ, our mussels are very healthy and rich in Omega 3, which will reduce the risks of infection, act as an antioxidant and can reduce cardiovascular problems. These treats also may be particularly beneficial for older dogs with joint pain, arthritis or decreased mobility as the Omega 3 can help reduce the inflammation. Omega 3 is beneficial to all dogs to prevent these issues in the future.

These treats are also high in protein and low in fat to promote muscle development. They are fragile and there maybe smaller bits left at the bottom of the bag, but not to worry, you can sprinkle this over your pets food too.

Dosage: There is no set recommendation for mussels. It can depend on if it’s just for general well being or to help a particular condition, as well as if it's at the initial or maintenance stage.

Each dog may also respond differently. Generally, a good start is 3-6g for up to 5kg dogs, 5-10g for small dogs up to 10kg, 10-20g for 10-30kg and 20-40g for larger dogs. Start at the lower end and increase over time if you feel it’s necessary.

Whilst the supplier makes every attempt to remove any shell, please check for any shell before feeding to your pet.

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